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Marianne Notschaele-den Boer - vorige levens - reïncarnatietherapie
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10 september 2013

Shirley MacLaine over haar vorige levens - boeken - reïncarnatie - vorige levens

I'm over all that - Ik maak me niet druk

De Amerikaanse actrice Shirley MacLaine (1934) vertelt al tientallen jaren over reïncarnatie en haar vorige levens. Haar meest bekende, spiritueel getinte boeken - en vertaald in het Nederlands - zijn 'Op glad ijs', 'In-zien', 'Dansen in het licht' en 'Voettocht naar Santiago de Compostela'.
Het schijnt dat ze in haar laatste boek 'I'm over all that' ('Ik maak me niet druk') hetzelfde nog eens samenvat. Ik heb dat boek niet gelezen, dus kan er niet over oordelen. Wel kwam ik quotes op Amerikaanse websites uit dit boek tegen, die mij erg bekend in de oren klinken met wat ik me herinner uit eerdere boeken van Shirley.

Santiago de Compostela

Haar boek 'Voettocht naar Santiago de Compostela' - over haar eigen ervaringen tijdens het lopen van deze route - las ik in 2007, toen een vriendin van mij die tocht ook liep. Vriendin onderging ontberingen en liep zich de blaren op de voeten, thuis las ik in diezelfde periode gezellig Shirley MacLaine's boek en vond me zo toch een beetje verbonden met mijn wandelende vriendin in Spanje. Geen haar op mijn hoofd die er over dacht om die route zelf te gaan lopen.
Shirley beschrijft in 'Voettocht naar SdC' o.a. haar herinneringen aan een vorig leven ten tijde van Lemurië, als androgyn wezen. Ze herhaalt dit verhaal in 'I'm over all that'. Dit verhaal is boeiend voor wie in het onderwerp tweelingzielen geïnteresseerd is.


Shirley MacLaine in 'I'm over all that': "Probably one of the reasons why reincarnation makes sense to me is because I understand how each one of us is so many people. When we open up and allow our soul's memory to emerge and express itself, we can be amazed at the talent for multiple personalities we each have. I don't mean multiple personalities in the sense of a psychological disorder. I mean each of us has had multiple experiences in past lifetimes that equip our souls with memories and intuitions that can't be explained any other way. How did I know and recognize streets and temples when I first went to India? Why did I find myself speaking Portuguese when I was in Brazil? Each human being can point to any number of similar experiences, specific moments that make them wonder why and how they know what they know."

Lemurië/pre-Atlantis - androgyn wezen

"I vividly remember being androgynous in the Lemurian (pre-Atlantis) time period. My state of being and that of others around me was peaceful and serene. Procreation occurred through the power of the mind in deep meditation. Each of us had male and female genitalia, but what was important was the desire of the soul, which was made manifest through connecting to the God source. Each human had an equal vibration of yin and yang, female and male.

At some point in Lemurian history, some of us became intrigued with the idea of dividing the yin and the yang vibration so we could observe the other with more objectivity. I was one of those who agreed to participate in what came to be called sexual division. Today, every culture on Earth has a myth that describes the equivalent of Eve being born out of the rib of Adam. Out of one came two. That is what I remember experiencing.

I remember the ceremony and the attendant spiritual practitioners and masters. I was immersed in a tank of very thick water which was also infused with light. Each of my seven chakra centers was open and receptive. I felt peaceful and willing to be divided. The spiritual practitioner meditated on a ray of light coming from above, which included all the seven colors of the rainbow—one for each chakra. I joined the meditation of the spiritual practitioners as the light went down the center of my physical body, separating each chakra in half. We knew in those days that the physical body was what we had created from coagulated thought. We knew we had created our bodies with our celestial thought patterns.

Slowly, my body began to separate into two vibrations—one yin and one yang. Each was equal to the other. I directed my soul to enter the female side of my separated body. On cue, my soul mate, who was present, entered the male side. The sexual division was complete. Out of the androgynous body two were born: one male, one female—each with an inculcated soul. From then on, I felt as a human being that I would always look for my other half."

Verder vertelt Shirley MacLaine in het kort wat over andere vorige levens:

"I had a past-life experience as a harem girl in the home of a pasha in Turkey and became physically nauseous with the memory of my confinement and lack of freedom. I learned how the major religions intersect and witnessed Coptic Christians living peacefully side by side with Muslims.

At Isfahan, I had another past-life experience where I had entertained a large audience at the theater outside under the stars. I remembered how good the acoustics were and felt the warmth of the summer night.

I remembered being a Muslim gypsy girl who had migrated from Morocco and was living with the Coptic Christians in the hills of Spain. I remembered a cross I wore, which, when I presented it, protected me from the Muslims and the Christians alike. At one point in my present-day walk, I was guided to a jewelry store in a small village along the Camino. I looked in the window and saw the cross I remembered from several hundred years before. I went in and questioned the proprietor. He gave me the same information I remembered from the past-life memory; it had belonged to a gypsy girl (me) from Morocco, and she had used it for protection. I bought the cross (my only purchase on the trek) and always take it with me when I leave home."

Voor zover ik weet is Shirley MacLaine consistent in wat ze vertelt over haar vorige levens. In haar boeken uit de jaren '80-'90 beschrijft ze met de nodige humor haar belevenissen op het spirituele pad en welke inzichten ze kreeg uit vorige levens.

Meer lezen

In dit blog vind je meer uitspraken van 'bekende of beroemde' personen. Zet hun naam in het zoekfilter rechts en je komt vanzelf op de artikelen terecht: Tina Turner, Barbra Streisand, Sylvana Simons, Jeroen en Amanda Krabbé, Erica Terpstra, Halle Berry, Rattan Chadha, enz. Regelmatig vul ik dit blog aan met uitspraken die ik hierover tegenkom.


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