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Marianne Notschaele-den Boer - vorige levens - reïncarnatietherapie
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13 oktober 2011

Stories: a view on past lives, reincarnation, birth

Birth - a new beginning

A few years ago I met Jacqueline Troost via Internet. She is a Dutch woman in her early seventies who was born in the Netherlands. Most of her present life she lived in Cape Town, South Africa. Now she is partly living in the Netherlands and partly in South Africa.

Jacqueline is a gifted writer, but due to her modesty she was convinced that her writing was just for family members only. She was pleased to hear that I loved her stories about her view on reincarnation and was even more pleased when I told her that my website readers also would be interested in reading her stories.

Last week I added a new story of Jacqueline: Going back 

Other stories written by Jacqueline Troost on are: We will meet again - View on reincarnation, birht and past lives 

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A little movie I made about aurahealing can be found on YouTube: New method to get rid of narcotic residues

If you want to read more about past lives and therapy you can also go to the stories on my website and use the Google translation bar. Have fun reading!

Kind regards, Marianne Notschaele
writer/past life therapist